Bridal Terms & Conditions 👰‍♀🍾✨️🫶🪩

 Makeup & Hair by - Makeup Artist Tanya Golden

Photography - Artistic Eye Photography 

Venue - Kooroomba Lavender Farm 



To call out to your location, is a flat $150 call out fee for up to an hour away from my studio location based in ( Flinders View, Ipswich ).

A minimum 4 Makeup services is needed to book a call out booking to travel to your location.

*I no longer travel to hotels -  in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Travel to your location would depend on the exact location to call out and setup if further than 1 hour away, an additional $50* for every half hour extra of travel to location pending distance.

BRIDE must organize & pay for PARKING FEES, if there is no free onsite parking spot at venue allocated on the day for me to park in to bring up all my beauty/lighting equipment to start the services on time.

I bring my own portable chair , table & ring light so I don’t take up any table space at your venue/location and you don't to worry about moving and setting things up for me 😊. This is so I will have great lighting for applying your makeup & I can take a few makeup pictures with the amazing lighting. I will arrive 15-20 mins earlier to setup to start on time please be at the location ready to start on time. ( Being late can cut into your application times if your not there ready for the day )

**Alternately you can come to my Studio based in Flinders View to not incur the call out fee to travel to your location. (If local as an option)

To secure the Wedding date is a "$100 non refundable & non transferable under any circumstance booking fee" this is due immediately the day you wish to secure your booking for this one date only, if you change the date under any circumstance your agree to forfeit the booking fee as a cancellation fee of $100 and then need secure a new date with a new $100 booking fee for that date ", this comes off the total that’s left to pay and is your security its secured as yours, ( this must be paid within 24hrs of receiving to secure the wedding date once the invoice has been sent, as dates will not be held & will expire & be cancelled after this time ).

Any changes made after the booking has been made that cant be accommodated to later from changing the agreed booking schedule timeline or cancellations made on your behalf you agree to forfeit the $100 booking fee as a cancellation fee for the admin time and holding the date as a loss of income due to holding off appointments for your booking if you are changing the date/times/locations after the agreed upon date held for you to turn away bookings in this time to hold your booking for any reason. You agree to pay a new booking fee to secure a new date. No date swaps are allowed under any circumstance unless paying a new $100 booking fee to secure a new date. 



Makeup Artist Tanya Golden is "TRIPLE VACCINATED For any venue requirements 💉 .



If a Lockdown is forced and the booking " CANNOT GO AHEAD DUE TO A FORCED LOCKDOWN" forcing a cancellation of the event only. Your booking fee amount will remain a credit to use on services or on the online store at a later date with no expiry. The online store a code will be given to redeem your $50 booking fee amount with free shipping.

⚠️ Change of mind for any reason other than (a lockdown in the Ipswich, Brisbane or Gold Coast Region QLD where the event is held) , does not warrant a credit  of  the booking fee or transfer to a new date without paying a new $100  booking fee.

⚠️ If you decide to change the date for due to border closures for guests to attend etc. Unfortunately the booking fee will be forfeited due to holding your date and loss of bookings due to holding your  date for your booking and turning bookings away in this time. If you wish to book and hold a new date a new $50 booking fee must be paid to secure a new date.



  1. Your ceremony start time ( to work out how much time I have to get everyone ready )
  2. If you need to travel far to get to the ceremony location.

( Wedding Tip 🤍💫)
Most prefer to have an hour before leaving for the ceremony this is time to get into your dress, pop on earrings etc. and have your photos with the photographer. (Usually we leave an hour for this)

This is to work out our timeline to book in your services for the time slot needed for your booking.


If Late and no one is at the agreed location 10-15mins prior for the booking to start will incur a $5.00 per minute LATE fee waiting for you to arrive taking up application time and will be charged to be paid before starting and finish time will still remain the same even if services aren't completed due to lateness on your behalf.

Early bird start fee to call out before my opening hours apply 

Saturdays can do earlier starts (organized when first booking if I can do the time needed)  , during the week will depend how early is needed and how far away your venue is to get too.

  • Early Bird start Fee before 9am..................................$50.00 Flat fee
  • Early Bird start Fee before 8am.................................$100.00 Flat fee
  • Early Bird start Fee before 7am.................................$150.00 Flat fee
  • Early Bird start Fee before 6am.................................$200.00 Flat fee
  • Staying back for makeup touch-ups/posing for mock photos with photographer......................$95.00per hour


START TIME - I like to arrive 10-15mins early to setup to start on time.
9.00am - Makeup 1
10.00am - Makeup 2
11.00am - Makeup 3
12.00pm - Makeup 4
1.00pm – Finish Time

The final amount is DUE no later than "2 WEEKS PRIOR" to travelling out for the special date payable via the invoice directly with an easy payment gateway on the invoice emailed now with Gpay/Apple Pay to be able to afterpay now via your digital wallet 🙂.

Here’s my pricings with approximate timing underneath it that is needed for each service to work out your starting time needed ↠

Traditional Makeup $95 - Applied with a brush and can achieve a lighter coverage or a full to heavier coverage to achieve your desired finish. Includes your choice of complementary lashes ( individuals, natural or full glam styles )

 Flower Girl Makeup Minimal $40  - This includes Mascara, Blush, highlight,  lip gloss and individual lashes/ or a strip lash if requested. ( No foundation or eyeshadows)

Touch up Lipstick are stocked instudio  - $25 each VIEW HERE

Model Rock Full Sized Liquid Lipsticks & Gloss's $25.00 each can be added to invoice to bring on the day so you will have a full sized lipstick in the colour applied on you to match to use throughout the day-evening. If needing a certain colour order in advance so I will have enough for the bridal party instock.

Upstyles ,Downstyles & Half Upstyle are $85 -
Hair Curled or Straightened then styled into desired style includes hair padding,pins & Hair ties.

Basic Curls or waves or straighten is $55 -
Full curl , waves or straighten, can be brushed out and set with spray to finish.


Dermaplaning Facials $55-$75

Are offered instudio are great 1 week prior for a smoother application 

Spray Tans $30 -
From light, medium to dark , best done the day or 2 before the big event.

Brow Wax & Tint $55 -
Shaped to your style and using tint or dye

Teeth Whitening Treatment 🦷
Double Treatment $105 (2x20 min sessions)

Triple Treatment $155 (3x20 min sessions)


*If your undecided on a few styles to go for on the big day or wanting to test out something completely different/new to what you normally would wear or go for I do suggest a trial these are best on your dress fitting days, hens, bridal shower or if your having a surprise catch up to announce to your friends they are bridesmaids if you want the trial earlier or your engagement party etc.. 👰🥂

Other beauty services also available

1) Trial Bookings are made in studio online instantly
2) For a trial select "Makeup" and select "Makeup Trial"

Makeup & Hair by - Makeup Artist Tanya Golden

Photography - Artistic Eye Photography

Venue - Kooroomba Lavender Farm 

If you would like to proceed you’ll need to check off the booking checklist to proceed to securing the booking - 

1) Confirm how many Services needed to book
2) Confirm starting time by knowing your ceremony start time for booking (this cannot be changed at a later date your booking is reserved only for your services booked) 
3) Confirm full Address of location 
4) Send through photos/screenshots of Makeup chosen for booking
5) I will now email you invoice to secure the date (once invoice has been sent you have 24hrs to pay the booking fee) 
6) All secured once booking fee is paid (dates cannot be held without payment) 
7) Closer to please finalize the looks you would love for the booking.
8) Final amount is due 2 weeks prior. (email reminder will be sent to your email address to pay closer to the date or search for your invoice in emails to pay remaining earlier)
9) Confirm parking details for artist at venue (if no free parking onsite available a parking spot must be allocated & organized so I can arrive and bring up all equipment on time for your booking)
10) Any room numbers please forward on to me ASAP before the date
(This is so there’s no delay finding your room for the booking/trying to reach you if you do assign someone else to let your vendors know room details please forward on their number to be able to contact them instead)
11) Your set 😊👍

12) If you are not contactable/replying to any of my emails by email/text or any accounts used to contact me the week prior to confirm address & details and not paid the remaining full amount by atleast 1 week prior your booking will be cancelled and assume you wish to not go ahead with booking failure to pay/reply , from no payment & no contact.

 These terms & conditions are agreed to when booking and paying the non-refundable/non-transferable under any circumstance booking fee your special day.