Keep in the loop, after your service please follow the AFTERCARE for the best longevity by doing these to look after and prepare for your upcoming service.

Please read the AFTERCARE for your service for the best results!! 🙂👇

I will be wearing a mask😷 in-studio still to avoid cancelling on my clients appointments & Weddings if needing to isolate, I ask all clients to come alone to their appointments still, no guests or parents please drop off and collect only, for the client booked only is welcomed in-studio please.

As I'm limiting the people I'm in contact with, as I rely only on myself only for Weddings booked that cant be rescheduled.

Thank you so much for your co-operation & understanding🙏😊

Ending isolation - coronavirus (COVID-19) | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (

If you need to reschedule due to being unwell or COVID you'll need to rebook after the 7 days of isolation. Not before the 7 days is finished please

Please EMAIL or reply to the SMS reminder to ask to reschedule.

Any further questions please email me directly to -

See you in-studio soon !!