Makeup And Hair Pre & Aftercare



To ensure the best out come for your makeup application follow these optional steps caring for your skin & brows can make a big difference to make the makeup pop !!

  • First and most importantly ensure you arrive on time with a clean fresh faced with NO MAKEUP ON  as this will take up your application time wearing makeup it to your appointment and having to spend time removing during your appointment time.


  • Send your inspo photo 📸 of the style/look you would like before your booking so this doesn't take up application time and everything is ready for your appointment. And it's much easier to meet your needs by showing the style you love so we are on the same page 🤍


  • For the duration of the makeup application please keep your phone away, as pausing/stopping to use during the application to text / phone call takes up the application time while applying.


  • Exfoliate your skin day before removing the dead skin cells on the surface for a smoother application for you 


  • Your foundation will be custom matched to your skin concerns/skin type for the best finish


  • Alternatively you can book a "Dermaplaning Facial" this removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells, makes makeup/skin care absorb and sit better on the skin, gives the ultimate smooth skin finish. Book this atleast 1 week prior to your makeup application 


  • Brows shaped before the appointment is best ( this can be booked in-studio also) a shaped brow will avoid having to carve out a brow shape over unwanted hairs in the shape.


  • A spray tan really can give that real golden goddess glow and makes such a difference to the overall look especially makes warm tones pop more, if this is a style that you prefer I offer Spray Tans in-studio also. Or pop on a home tan option.


  • If you have a pimple its best not to pop just before your booking, as its much easier to cover not sqeezed. .



To prolong and look after your Makeup Application here's some tips to keep it lasting now applied.

  • Avoid touching/rubbing the face, this will shift the makeup. ( Sometimes clients don't actually realize they rub their nose or scratch their brows etc out of habit )


  • If you do find you get oily throughout the day/night use a blotting sheet pressed lightly on the area and lightly take off ( do not rub ) or use a tissue separated to lightly pat over area to help maintain the makeup to remove shine without shifting the makeup.


  • Avoid putting on sunglasses 👓 after the application


  • Keep yourself cool before the event if you can in air-conditioning etc ( AVOID SWEATING)


  • Try to avoid things you know will make the eyes water (etc Wind with dry eyes or if emotional and tears & wiping/rubbing eyes), so the lashes/glue won't weaken and pop off on the outter/inner ends. (Lash glue is available in-studio to purchase if you would like to be safe just in case to take an emergency stash in your bag/clutch just incase !)


  • A cotton tip is great on hand, as a quick fix when sometimes if the moisture in the eye mixes with product it can goop in the inner corners of the eyes or touch the bottom water line 💧so use a cotton tip to wipe from inner corner outwards to fix. Completely normal as it's a wet area.


  • Expression lines when we laugh for example we can make Expression lines that crease from repeatedly creasing the skin then relaxing to fix use a sponge or foundation brush to dab out the lines creasing to quick fix them.


  • For your lipsticks I'm a lover of liquid lipsticks I find they last the longest for me, I find only oily foods/ licking your lips wears them off quicker. I stock a massive range of colours in-studio if you would to purchase a similar or same shade applied to touch up throughout the evening.

To remove the Makeup after the end of the night my favourites are - 

  1. Johnson & Johnson Face wipes to remove most of the makeup.
  2. Neutrogena eye & lip remover or Clinqiue Eye & Lip Take the day off remover for the eye makeup especially the eyeliner and long lasting lip products to help remove easier.
  3. Now you can use your cleanser to start your skin care routine for the morning/night.



To ensure the best out come for your hairstyling booking please ensure

  • Freshly washed hair the day before or morning of appointment - DOUBLE SHAMPOO IS BEST to help remove product build up and light conditioner on the ends !!
  • Ensure the hair has been fully blowdryed MUST BE completely dry ( not damp ), as smooth as possible ready for styling ( If you have frizzy/curly natural hair please straighten before your appointment ready for styling to get the look as smooth as possible for you.
  • If needing to tie up use a loose scrunchy to loosely tie back to AVOID KINKS
  • If you have clip in extensions feel free to bring them along to add in the more volume & length the better!!.


Ensure you have sent your inspo ideas to my email for your looks both hair and makeup for the services you have booked, this ensures I have everything I need for appointment to get the best outcome for your special glam 🤍✨️