Brides To Be

Calling all brides to be 
Book your Wedding with Tanya taking bookings for this years 2018 and next years 2019.
Travel out for bookings of 3 or more people from Ipswich surrounds, Lockyer Valley Surrounds and Some Brisbane Locations.
Please inform if there is onsite parking at the venue or parking costs are added to get to your venue on the day.
Your always welcome to book a trial in studio at Flinders View in Ipswich to see how you like the overall look before the big day. If you don't want a trial that's fine just send through some inspiration pictures off pinterest for the look your going for to match the style you like easy !.
To book the date is a $50 Booking fee this comes off the total amount due one week prior to travelling out to your location or to save on travel costs your always welcome to come to the makeup studio and make you all feel at home getting ready with music and nibblies.
⚠️Cancelling your date will lose your booking fee⚠️
I do offer payment plans I can send you weekly or monthly invoices of your set amount for your budget until paid off. Balance must be paid in full one week prior to travelling out to your location.
To travel out to your location I set up with my own table and chair so I can position myself in the best lighting for your beautiful bridal hair and makeup.
When I arrive its best to work out whos going first and have each person ready waiting to go in the makeup chair next so we run on time for your big day.
Example - Most Weddings start at 6am and have a person ready to go for styling as the person being styled is almost finished the next person is waiting ready to go to not delay timing so the styling is done in time.
Organising your final Makeup and hairstyles at your trials and sent in photos of the styles chosen for each person, so on the day theres no changes on the day/everything is decided so all is packed to bring for your Wedding, changes will take up more time consulting/asking questions to the client on the Makeup or Hairstyle before we get started so everything runs smoothly to schedule make sure all looks are decided and final.
Starting as early as 6.00 am in the morning if you have a special request for earlier I can see if we can arrange an earlier time for your booking depending how early is needed. 
I do work on my own, and dont have other staff if you would like to book another artist for hair or one for makeup or hire mutiple artists thats fine just send details of pictures of the looks the clients I will be glamming up need on the day etc..
only for Bridesmaids or guests Makeups so the day runs smoothly.
"🐥 $50 Early bird fee before 6am starts 🐥"