Wedding Information For The Couple To Be ♡

Flowers - NeFlowerCo
Hair Styling & Makeup - Makeup Artist Tanya Golden
Location - Kangaroo Point
Venue - River Life Brisbane
Photography - Paul Bamford (Finch & Oak Wedding Co)


Book in your Wedding Glam. I'm taking bookings for this years 2021 and next years 2022, its best to get in early as I only take generally one Wedding a Day. I work on all skin tones from light, tanned,medium & deep,textures and also a common question can I do mature makeup and yes I can definitely glam mum or grandma up to of course I make it match the style they are comfortable with.
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Dress - Grace Loves Lace
Location - Peaks Crossing
Makeup - Makeup Artist Tanya Golden
Hair Styling - Rustic Locks
Photography - Amaris Crystal Photography


Hair Styling & Makeup - Makeup Artist Tanya Golden
Photography - Paul Bamford (Finch & Oak Wedding Co)
Travel out for bookings of 4 or more people from Ipswich surrounds, Lockyer Valley Surrounds,Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Locations.
Travel Fee is based on location, tolls and parking costs.
Please inform if a hotel is your location, if there is onsite parking at the venue to park in or any parking costs if incurred (that was not charged for) will be added to pay to be able get to your venue on the day to be able to park onsite.

(A makeup chair, table, ring light and makeup bags are needed for your booking on the day, please ensure parking is at the location ready to get to your booking on time to start)



It is best to book a trial to see how you will like the look you have chosen, especially if its not a way you would normally wear your hair etc all tied up off the face when your used to it down around your face or Makeup going a full glam cut crease with full coverage, if you normally love a natural glowing look with soft browns and a sheerer coverage.
I do get you to send me your inspo photos whether you are booking a trial or skipping a trial to ensure we are both on the same page the style you would love for the big day, as its the style you would love and feel confident in. Never feel bad for wanting to change or tweak something to suit your style, in fact I encourage my couples-to-be to message me any changes after the trial to see if there's anything we can do to make it pop even more or even perhaps tone something down, I've got you covered !!.
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To book the date is a $50 Booking fee this comes off the total amount due one week prior to travelling out to your location or to save on travel and parking fee costs your always welcome to come to the makeup studio and make you all feel at home getting ready while pampered with music clips of your choice on T.V, snacks and drinks complementary on me.


I do offer payment plans or Afterpay, I can send you weekly or monthly invoices of your set amount for your budget until paid off. Balance must be paid in full one week prior to travelling out to your location.


Hair Styling & Makeup - Makeup Artist Tanya Golden
Photography - Kevin ( Nivekeel )
When I travel out to your location I set up with my own table, chair and ring light (for lighting especially early winter mornings light is needed ), so I can position myself in the best lighting for your beautiful hair and makeup applications and snap a few gorgeous pictures for you as well all "Glammed" up to send or tag you in later (Or feel free to message me for photos I have taken I will happily send).


On the big day its very important that we run on schedule so we have time for all the services and touch ups at the end if needed etc.. after having any platter nibblies in the morning I will fix up the lips before I leave and check over your lashes to see if any teary eyes haven't weakened the glue etc.
I will on the day need to know the time you would like to be ready by (time you would like to pop your dress on for photo's with your photographer arriving) so I can show you a rough time line for the day to see if this works for you with your schedule.
I do like to arrive 10-15 mins early to setup as I like to be ready to start on time on the big day as your wedding is super important to me too and want to have time check over if any last minute fixes might be needed.
It is best to have a trial to decide what style you would like on the big day, trying something different to what you are used to weather its hair or makeup isn't something you want to chance not liking on the big day.


I can start as early as 6.00 am in the morning, if you have a special request for earlier I can see if we can arrange an earlier time for your booking depending how early is needed.
Generally if I do Makeup & Hair Styling a 6.00 Start is needed.


I do work on my own so if there is too many Hair Styling and Makeup services to do and we don't have enough time fit all the services in before the time you would like to be ready by, I do suggest some great hairstylists I've worked with to recommend to you for your special day, this also means you wont need to start as early if I'm only doing Makeup, We can do a later start. This is completely up to you.


Please be aware "Cancelling or Changing" your date will lose your $50 booking fee as I turn away other potential couples inquiring once you are booked in, I do try to keep the booking fee small, so once paid that date is yours.

( Paying your booking fee secures the booking as yours and

ensures you agree to the terms & conditions )

Location - Brannell Homestead
Makeup - Makeup Artist Tanya Golden
Photography - Still Expressions


 To ensure all your important questions are answered "copy & paste" these extra questions answered below and send back for all your information to get answered asap. Thanks so much, lets get planning !!

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  • Location address of getting ready ?
  • Ceremony Start time ?
  • Time you need to be ready by to get dressed ? -
  • How many people ? -
  • How many Makeups ?
  • How many Hair styles ?
  • Feel free to send a separate email of any inspo photos to -